Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Week in Review

Well, this past week has certainly been a busy one!! Monday I still had a migraine until late afternoon and so Tuesday felt like Monday....maybe that is why it's hard to believe tomorrow is Friday. On Tuesday I also had to get approval from work to be off Friday afternoon for the dryer repairman and a few other deliveries. Yesterday afternoon, my husband decided that we could use a new tv. He went and looked around, gave me a call on the one he found that he really liked, and then I called the place to see what type of deals they were offering. Then he wasn't sure whether we should spend the money on the tv when we also have furniture we just bought. I told him to let me know and once I was comfortable at home, he called me and asked me to run down to Musselman's to look at it. I said it was fine so we brought it home with us last night. We also had to stop at Walmart for a tv stand for the tv because nothing would fit our old tv stand. So last night we spent a couple hours putting together the tv stand and then setting the new tv on it. I also set up for a new receiver from Direct TV to be installed Friday afternoon as well....I thought Friday afternoon would be a nice relaxing one (me on the new couch before the hubby :P ) but not anymore! The dryer repairman is coming out, our furniture is being delivered and the Direct TV guy is coming out to do an installation!!

I've been working like crazy this week and as soon as I take a few pictures I'll post them. I cut out turtles, catepillars and ladybugs. The only thing I have left to do is to glue the turtles together.

Just remember, Saturday morning I will be using to pick the winner of my first give-away!! Leave a comment in order to be picked!!

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