Sunday, July 19, 2009


I really enjoy Sundays because that is the day everything actually seems to slow down. Saturday there is always something pressing to do like laundry, grocery shopping or house cleaning. But Sundays are the slow down and relax days. They are my favorite except for the fact that the next day is Monday and I have to go to work.

These ladybugs are my best sellers on Etsy. I've sold pink and brown, red and black, and shimmery red and black lady bugs. I think they are one of my favorites. What do you think?

The quote I found for today is "Don't see others as doing better than you. Beat your own records daily because success is a fight between you and yourself" by Mohammad Monis. I wholeheartedly agree with this quote. It is something that I myself have a lot of trouble following. I'm the person that sees every single flaw in what I do, especially my woodwork. But I've learned that sometimes those little flaws actually make it better. I'm always on Etsy looking at other cards, tags, and embellishments and asking myself how my work compares to theirs. Of course, I always feel like theirs is ten times better than mine, but I make myself look at my sales. If my work was that atrocious, I wouldn't have sold what I have. Now, as for my woodwork, I understand that it will take longer for it to get going because you have to find someone who is looking for that exact thing and is willing to spend the money.

I also need to make a few more pieces to add to the shop ( but it's summer in Florida. I time myself on my work in order to figure out what to sell pieces for. I only count the time it took to cut it out, not to finish it. Time wise, it took me an hour to do a Michael Jackson silhouette. But in actuality it took me about three hours because I could only cut for so long in a shed with the stifling heat before needing water and some air.

What do you think of your work? How do you figure out prices?

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