Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am so frustrated right now. I had an ambulance ride to the emergency room back in March. I was only billed $100 for my copay for the ER visit and I thought the ambulance would be the says $100 copay. WRONG!! I was informed that the only ambulance service that is offered for Highlands/Hardee county is not a provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield. So now I have a $445 ambulance ride to pay for on top of the ER bill. This is absolutely ridiculous!!

When I hear about Obama's Healthcare plan, all I can think of is how big an increase in medical services are we going to see? I understand that everyone needs insurance, but aren't those of us that have insurance going to have higher premiums since we can afford it in order to pay for the insurance of those who can't pay for it?

Sorry for my ranting, but I'm now up to 6 medical bills to pay for that add up to over $1500. Sometimes I wonder if it's really worth it.......

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