Friday, August 7, 2009

South Carolina Weekend

Sorry I haven't blogged much in the last couple of days. I had a migraine Wednesday and Thursday....thank God it is gone today and I am back to normal!!!!!

Wednesday evening my husband and I are watching TV and out of the blue he asks if I would like to go to South Carolina this weekend. I was surprised but said yes. When I asked him what for he said it was a surprise for me. Well, he finally told me yesterday what we are going to do. In June he went with Boy Scout Troop 818 on their summer trip and they went through South Carolina and toured a naval carrier and a few other ships and helicopters. (He is an Eagle Scout and is also their Assistant Scoutmaster.) When I saw the pictures, I just made the comment that one day I'd like to go visit the same place. So that is where we are going. That is all he has planned for the trip so that before/after we can find other things to do as we make our way back home.

We are leaving tonight as soon as we get home and finish packing. I will definitely have a lot of pictures to post when we get back!!!

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Altered Beauty I have not forgotten about you. :)

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