Monday, August 10, 2009

Featured Artist ~ Altered Beauty ~

The first Featured Artist is Altered Beauty.

She writes:

I have been happily married for seven years. My husband is an artist. We don't have any kids but have a dog named Buddy who is alternately a joy and a terror, depending on the day.

The name of my store is Altered Beauty and is located at: I got started making jewelry when I was working overnight shifts at a domestic violence shelter. (I have a BA in Psychology and work in the nonprofit field.) I met a woman (a shelter resident) who was making beautiful jewelry all the time and she encouraged me to try it with her. I loved it.

I started making items for family and friends, and eventually heard about Etsy and thought it would be perfect for me! I am currently an Overnight Relief Manager with my local Ronald McDonald House, and make jewelry as a second job.

My favorite items in my store are the Steampunk items, because they are all one of a kind. I love the process of finding beautiful movements inside old forgotten watches and turning them back into something beautiful.

Something about me that I think is interesting is that I don't personally wear jewelry. I appreciate it and love to look at it, but very rarely wear it!

Thank you Altered Beauty for your work. It's beautiful, affordable, and one of a kind!!

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